Friday, January 08, 2016

How to clean a Keurig

My longtime Internet friend Kate Berry writes Housewife How-To's (Yeah, I know the apostrophe is wrong, but the only way to make it readable would be to mix caps with lower case) and has seen a huge surge in web traffic lately because people have discovered her post about how to clean a Keurig, probably because some search engine is sending them there.

Lots of people have a Keurig coffee brewer, including my next-door neighbor and my Las Vegas son. I've used my son's Keurig while visiting last year and found it a quick and convenient way to make a decent cup of coffee. I won't buy one because I prefer cappuccino from the Mr. Coffee espresso machine that same son gave me several years ago. And because of scary stories of bacteria build-up in hard-to-reach places on Keurigs.

Kate demystifies Keurig cleaning and almost makes me want to buy one. Read about it here:

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