Saturday, January 16, 2016

Busy Friday

Maria got forced into a curb coming back from lunch on Thursday, resulting in a destroyed right front tire. She managed to limp into the parking lot across from her work.

I drove down to change the tire, but found that the car was on a slight incline which made it want to roll off of the tiny Subaru jack even through I had the transmission in Park and the parking brake engaged.

We chose to leave the car in place Thursday night and I returned yesterday morning and called the U.S. Auto Club road service we have through Shell. The tow truck guy showed up about an hour later with a much more robust jack and had the spare in place in under 10 minutes. I drove down to Gateway Tire, where I buy my tires, and they replaced it under a road hazard warranty for $10.55.

Our cable/internet bill was due yesterday, so I took advantage of the 61ยบ springlike temperature and rode the K1200GT up to Paragould to pay in person. It was my first ride of 2016 and it felt really really good.

Maria gets off work at 3 p.m. on Fridays, so we used the time to go shooting at Black Iron Shooting range. I took my new 9mm Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield and she took her Ruger LCP 380 with Crimson Trace laser sight.

I did substantially better than my first outing with the new guy and she demonstrated phenomenal accuracy with her comparatively tiny gun. The laser sight more than makes up for the crappy iron sights on the LCP. I'm not ashamed to say she outshot me. I'm seeking coaching tips from former Boone County Sheriff Ken Campbell - now a instructor at Gunsite Academy in Arizona - to correct whatever is making my shots drift down and left.

Here's my best target from this outing:

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