Sunday, November 08, 2015

One visit to the Burlington Coat Factory is enough


A Burlington Coat Factory store opened recently in space previously occupied by the Kroger supermarket.

We got a flyer from Burlington Coat Factory in the mail last week that included a card redeemable for a free umbrella with any purchase. Morgan got one too, so we lobbied Maria to commit to a minimum of 30 minutes cruising the new store this afternoon.

It turned into a life-sucking hour and I think I’m done with that place forever.

My first impression was that it is almost identical to the store next door – a Goodwill Industries store. The clothes are arranged on racks stretching to infinity and organized in a hodge-podge mix of brands and sizes. The only difference is that the stuff at Goodwill is used and of dubious cleanliness, but the prices are better.

Maria bought a Kitchen Aid potato masher and I bought a two-pack of Columbia wool socks. And we got our free umbrella. I feel like we earned it.

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