Wednesday, November 04, 2015

It can never be easy…


When the grille ornament showed up in my mailbox this morning, I figured I was all set to replace the grille on our Lexus RX330 that mysteriously vanished more than a week ago.

Close examination revealed that the grille is held in place by five screws and an anchoring device and the ornament snaps into place with a couple of clips and is secured with a screw which was not included with the ornament.

grille nutSo I motored down to the local Toyota dealership (Lexus is made by Toyota and there is some overlap of parts) to pick up two nuts (I recovered three nuts from the front of the car when the old grille sheared off its moorings and flew away) and the ornament screw.

But, of course, it couldn’t be that simple. Jessie Owens (real name) who works in the parts department explained that the fasteners in question have to come from Lexus, so he called the Memphis Lexus dealership and ordered them. They are supposed to be here sometime Friday.

So with any luck, our Lexus will be sporting a brand new logoed grill in time for the weekend.

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