Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New boots on the way

stanley bootThe Bates Gore-Tex tactical boots that son Steve bought me for Christmas in 2012 (I had them on my wish list) are showing their age as a consequence of almost three years of daily wear.

I’ve been thinking about replacing them lately, but the budget won’t allow purchases like that for the time being.

Then, wonder of wonders, the Amazon Vine Program offered me a pair of these Stanley waterproof steel-toed work boots to review. Most of the time, the articles of clothing they offer me are in a size that is too small for me. This time they were on target with size 11 medium.

The cuff is about three inches shorter than the Bates tactical boots, but it’s still over the ankle and high enough that the waterproof gaiters inside my Kathmandu riding pants should cover it.

They’re scheduled to show up at our local post office on Friday.

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