Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lacrosse saved our bacon again

freezer spike

I found the garage freezer door standing wide open at noon on Tuesday and the internal temperature up to 63.8º.

I have no idea how long it stood open, but it obviously had plenty of time to take on moisture because the ambient humidity in the garage at the time was 59%.

Since then, as you can see from the yellow line on the graph, temperatures inside the freezer have trended upward until the temperature this morning was flirting with the 40º mark.

(For the sake of clarity, the blue line is the ambient temperature in the garage and the green line is the humidity in the garage while the yellow line is the reading from a probe inside the freezer.)

Ever since we paid an appliance service serious money to work on our refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher, the freezer temperatures fluctuated around the 0º mark, +/-10º. Until the open door incident Tuesday.

We emptied the freezer into coolers and the kitchen refrigerator, unplugged it and removed the shield over the cooling unit, expecting to find it encased in ice. There as hardly any ice in evidence, so Maria cleaned it off, I put the probe back inside and we fired it up. It dropped from 79º at 10:30 to 64.5º at 11 a.m., so we’re guardedly optimistic that it will work properly again.

Once again, I’m grateful to the Amazon Vine Program for offering me the Lacrosse Wifi temperature and humidity device to use and review. It has literally saved our bacon several times.

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