Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I’ve lost my Free Cell mojo


Free Cell is my game of choice in Windows 7.

I play it when I’m waiting for something to happen – a phone call to be returned or I’m on hold, a computer process to finish, or when I’m just bored.

freecellstatsI guess I get it from my dad who used to keep a deck of cards handy and played a few games of Solitaire after dinner many evenings.

I’ve gotten fairly proficient at Free Cell, or at least better than I used to be. Since this desktop computer went into service in my office a couple of years ago, I’ve achieved a 55% win ratio. My longest winning streak was 16 consecutive games.

But lately, I’ve been losing more often than I win, evidenced by a losing streak of 13 games.

I guess I’m in pretty good shape if that’s all I can think of to complain about.

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