Friday, June 26, 2015

Dora joins the fan club

dora fan

We love our screened back porch. It was one of the big selling points when we were house shopping eight years ago.

It’s a supremely pleasant place to sip coffee or iced tea and enjoy the back yard and bordering forest in good weather.

But there are times in the late spring, summer and early autumn when the oppressive Arkansas heat makes even a few minutes on the porch absolute misery. We stay in the air conditioning, but the dogs stay outside panting and lapping up the water we provide.

I took pity on them last evening when the heat index was 101º and used a hand truck to manhandle the 30” commercial pedestal fan from the garage to the west end of the porch where the grounded outlet is situated.

I switched the fan to High and within seconds the porch was transformed from a sweatbox to a breezy summer resort.

The dogs noticed the change immediately. As you can see, Dora sprawled out in front of the fan and reveled in the coolness.

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