Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The unbearable uniqueness of Olioscourge

I coined the word “olioscourge” in May, 2004 when I needed to create a unique URL for this blog.

It derives from my unofficial title of The Scourge of Olio, earned years before when I wiped the town of Olio off of the Indiana roadmap. Details are here.

I did a Google search this morning to see if olioscourge shows up anywhere no connected with me and was surprised to see a few of my images have been purloined without my permission.

Like for instance, this one on a site listing “tips you can learn from your dad:”


Yep, that’s me looking geeky and my dad looking dapper on a vacation to Niagara Falls and New England around 1957. I guess I’m flattered that someone liked it enough to steal it.

And here’s a photo I shot for the local newspaper (which shall remain nameless) and was picked up by the NBC TV affiliate in Chicago. To their credit, they asked my permission to use it:


I can’t complain when my blog images get pirated. I do it all the time.

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