Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Citizenship 101

i votedI’m not ordinarily an advocate of early voting because there could be late developments in election campaigns that would affect a voter’s decision. If you vote early and your candidate is revealed to be a dirtbag, you have no recourse.

That said, I’m convinced that there is nothing that could make me want to vote for nearly any of the Democrats on the Arkansas ballot, so I went with Maria to the courthouse annex and cast my ballot to retire Sen. Mark Pryor, retain Congressman Rick Crawford, and put Republicans in the governor and lieutenant governor’s offices.

While I was in line waiting to vote, I got a call from one of our tenants reporting that their sewer line is backing up. Again. They serve people sentenced to community service time and I suspect one of their clients is flushing inappropriate stuff down their toilet.

I called our fix-it guy and he pledged to have someone there by 3 p.m.

The joys of being a landlord. Happily, they pay their rent on time and are good tenants.

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