Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We have double sinks in our master bathroom. Each sink has a 2 handle Delta faucet and my faucet has a very slow drip.

It’s so slow as to be practically unnoticeable, by me at least.

But Maria claims it’s been going on for months and it’s become a source of great irritation for her.

I watched a how-to video on YouTube and tried tightening a couple of nuts, but the drip continued.

Mind you, this is a drip so slow that left to my own devices, I would be happy to ignore it for years. Unfortunately, I can’t ignore my wife for years.

So I watched another how-to video on YouTube this morning, disassembled the hot and cold water controls, extracted the cartridges and their spring valves, put one set into a Zip Lock sandwich bag, and rode the K75S down to a plumbing supply shop in Jonesboro.

The counterman opined that I didn’t need to replace the entire cartridge assembly – just the springs and rubber gaskets. The cost? A mere $3.97, tax included.

I came home, reassembled the faucet assembly with the new parts and voila! No drip. Now, five hours later, the sink stopper where the drip used to land is bone dry.

And peace has been restored.

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