Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday morning stuff

Sitting at the kitchen table with my morning mocha cappuccino, something hopping across the kitchen floor caught my eye.

Upon closer inspection, I discovered a little green tree frog that had somehow found its way into the house.

I was feeling compassionate, so I swept him into a dust pan and removed him to the driveway where I left him to find a tree. We hear tree frogs all the time, but this is my first up-close encounter with one. I thought he was a toad at first, then noticed his brilliant green color and somewhat un-toadlike physique.

The cold front and rain blew through about 11 p.m. yesterday and the weather this morning is bright and cool.

I’m having coffee at Panera, having just called in three prescription refills to the Sam’s Club Pharmacy where the pharmacist recognized my voice. This is, without question, the friendliest pharmacy in Arkansas. The attention I get there is so personal, I feel like I’m their only customer.

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