Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday morning report

paneraindianashirt Back at my usual table at Panera after riding in to town to gas the K75S, get a haircut, surf and blog, and take Maria to lunch.

The heat index is 90 and will probably be significantly higher before I return home, so I chose to wear my Firstgear MeshTex riding pants with my fluorescent Fieldsheer mesh jacket. The effect on a hot day is like riding in shorts and a t-shirt, but with the protection of leather or heavier textiles. I chose the K75S over the K1200GT because the K75S has a smaller fairing and thus better air flow.

Hot weather notwithstanding, I mowed the lawn on Monday and weed-whacked around the perimeter of the house and blew the driveway clean of clippings and debris yesterday, so the place looks well cared-for, at least for awhile until Nature tries to reclaim the property and make it part of the woods again.

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