Monday, August 18, 2014

Scanning negs again


I’ve been digitizing some 35mm negatives today, staying put, not burning gasoline, doing stuff that doesn’t cost anything (much).

One of the best images I’ve rediscovered is this shot of my parents on the occasion of Thanksgiving, 1986 at their home in Delphi, Ind. They looked pretty happy and chipper and that’s how I like to remember them.


Here’s another photo from that day, Sean and Steve getting ready to take Grandma Flora’s 1964½ Mustang for a spin. I loved it that Dad had the vision to buy the fifth Mustang ever sold in Carroll County. It was a great little car and I honed my standard transmission skills on its three-speed stick shift before I bought my first car – a 1965 Volkswagen beetle – in August, 1966.


And this is me with Webb Bernhardt and Cindy Fort in July, 1995 at Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite watering hole, the Woody Creek Tavern, west of Aspen, Colo. I got the Staintune t-shirt a week earlier at the BMW MOA National Rally in Durango where I lent my K100RS to the Staintune exhaust system guys so they could fire it up and show prospective buyers what the Staintune sport pipe sounded like.

After the rally, Indianapolis BMW Club members regrouped and gathered at a chalet in Breckenridge for another week in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The ride over Independence Pass to Aspen, with lunch at Woody Creek and a soak in the thermal hot pool at Glenwood Springs is one of my favorites.


Here are some of the club members at the chalet we used to rent for a week every summer. They are (from left) Irmgard Burford, Cindy Fort, John Rode, Webb Bernhardt, and Diana and Wendell Owen.

The bike on the left is mine and the other – also a 1991 K100RS – belonged to Archey Shearer.

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