Monday, August 18, 2014

Still planning on Billings next July

The usually calm BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Facebook page occasionally lights up with acrimonious debate over non-motorcycle issues.

Such was the case this morning when a member posted her disappointment that the Billings, Mont. City Council recently voted 6-5 against an ordinance that would attempt to enforce diversity through a non-discrimination law.

As nearly as I can tell, the issue had its genesis in a complaint from a woman who wanted to use a men’s restroom.

This is germane because next year’s BMW MOA Rally will be in Billings.

In a matter of minutes, the page was ablaze with self-righteous proclamations from liberal types that the BMW MOA should not have its rally in such a bigoted and intolerant place. Our rallies inject a lot of money into the local economy and most cities that have hosted us hope we come back.

Some went so far as to announce they would not attend.

That suits me fine. I don’t care to listen to yammering fools who flaunt their liberal ideology in public, just to make themselves feel smugly superior. Let them stay home, or go march in solidarity with their oppressed brothers and sisters in Ferguson, Mo.

I suspect that, despite the vote against the measure, the majority of the council members are fair-minded good people whose chief concern was that such an ordinance could involve the city in pointless costly litigation – something most rational taxpayers are happy to avoid.

Happily, the BMW MOA Facebook page administrators took the conversational thread down a few hours later.

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