Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coffee and conversation on a humid Tuesday morning

starbucks pano

I finished another bag of Starbucks coffee when I made my mocha cappuccino this morning, so here I am at Starbucks in Jonesboro, where I cashed the empty bag in for a free cup of dark roast. It just seemed like the thing to do.

A guy in a neon green safety vest and Centerpoint Energy hardhat accosted me as I parked in front of Starbucks, observing that I had an Arkansas license plate and an Indianapolis BMW Club sticker on my K1200GT.

Turns out it was Mike Causey, a friend of Charlie Parsons, who also rides a BMW motorcycle. He, too, was at the BMW MOA rally last month in St. Paul, Minn., but he took a more circuitous route up across the Mackinac Bridge to Duluth before cruising down to the rally. He was making sure the crew widening Red Wolf Boulevard didn’t dig into the Centerpoint gas line that parallels the roadway.

It was his second BMW MOA rally, having been to the blazing hot 2012 rally in Sedalia, Mo. And, like me, he plans on Billings, Mont. next year.

BTW, images get distorted if you don’t pan the camera straight and level when shooting a panorama photo with an iPhone, which is why my eyes and glasses look a little whopperjawed.

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