Thursday, August 07, 2014



When I went into the garage this morning to fill the Aussies’ food bowls from the plastic bin of Fromm dog food, I found my way barred by a logjam of coolers.

The smaller cooler, it turns out, was full of rotting food – bags of once-frozen lima and pinto beans and a package of sliced Munster cheese, all from a Sam’s Club shopping trip at least three weeks ago. Apparently Maria or I put the cooler in front of the freezer with the intention of transferring the contents into the freezer, but promptly forgot it.


After photographing the stinking contents, I dumped the stuff into the trash can and hosed out the cooler, leaving it open in the driveway to dry and air out.

Happily, the large cooler was clean and empty, so I put it up on the shelf where it belongs.

tidehoardIn other garage news, we now have a generous supply of Tide detergent, Kraft salad dressings, Planter’s peanuts, Red Gold tomato products and other items purchased at insanely low prices, thanks to Morgan’s couponing prowess.

And speaking of Tide:


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