Sunday, June 02, 2013

With the freezer contents at stake, my Lacrosse monitor just became very useful


I've had my Lacrosse wireless monitor system for several weeks, using it to monitor the outdoor temperature and the indoor conditions in my upstairs office. I had it set up to notify me when the office temperature rose above 84 degrees to signal me to turn on the window air conditioner and save our computers from overheating. It worked well in that capacity.
Then, this morning, I found a better, more critical use for it when I discovered that our garage circuit breaker had tripped, letting the contents of our upright freezer warm to about 30 degrees.
I figured I'd rather just pay attention and used the upstairs air conditioner whenever it seems stuffy and use the monitor system to alert me if the freezer contents are threatened. (Actually, it would make even more sense to add a second monitor and cover both fronts.)
At any rate, it was a simple matter of tossing the wired probe into the freezer and setting the transmitter on top. Now I have constant monitoring of the ambient temperature and humidity in the garage (which is useful since we store canned goods on shelves there) and the interior of the freezer.
I have the software programmed to fire a text message and an email to my iPhone if the freezer temp exceeds 25 degrees (normal operating temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit) or if the ambient temperature in the garage drops below freezing or above 110.

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