Tuesday, June 11, 2013

In case I forgot where I live…

po dogsI noticed this sign on the post office door when I picked up our mail a little after noon today.

I suppose you could see something like this in a larger city, but I doubt it. It’s emblematic of small town life and, being the son of a small town (Delphi, Ind., population 2,500 when I left there), I find it charming.

nothing worseI also like the fact that I pretty much never have to wait in line at the local post office. And we all know, thanks to that guy in the Stamps.com commercial, that there is nothing worse than waiting in line at the post office. Not even public beheadings or an extinction level asteroid collision. Nothing.

I lived in Indianapolis (the 12th largest city in the U.S.) for nearly 30 years and enjoyed the shopping and other amenities of a city, but small town life and rural living suits me just fine. I like knowing my neighbors, having deer and other wildlife in my yard and knowing that the occasional gunfire I hear is folks shooting for sport.

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