Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Dora Report: First Week


Dora has been with us a week and she continues to amaze and delight.

Everyone who sees her is captivated by her piercing blue eyes and fuzzy good looks. We took her to the ASU Farmers Market yesterday morning and she was surrounded by admirers who wanted to pet her or hold her.

Jack is clearly in love with her. He pointedly gets between her and any visiting dog – Morgan’s bulldog or Susan’s poodle.

Since Dora came to our house, Jack is showing us a side of his personality we never knew – that of a gentle, nurturing father figure. He plays gently with Dora and lets her chew on his fur and bat at his face with her tiny paws. He offers her has favorite toys and spends a lot of his time trying to draw her into a tug of war.

At the same time, Dora follows Jack around the back yard and when they lie down to rest on the patio, back porch or in the house, they’re always close to each other.

Jack has always been like a Tasmanian devil when let loose in the house – grabbing clothing from the bedroom or anything he can snatch from the kitchen counter and running merrily through the house expecting us to chase him to retrieve his prize.

Now that Dora is here, Jack puts most of his in-house attention on her and is more interested in playing with her than with stealing our underwear.

Dora got the fundamentals of toilet training from his breeder and has had very few accidents in the house – a bonus I would have gladly paid another $200 or so for.

Dora, in short, is a joy and a blessing.

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