Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time Sunday

Charlie and Tom and I rode down to the Daytona International Speedway yesterday morning to survey the vendor offerings.

As expected, we didn’t see anything we needed, but it was amusing nonetheless.

Here are some photos from our morning:

dbbw indians (14)dbbw spdwy12) 

dbbw sculpture

dbbw loungers

dbbw charliebimbo

No biker event is complete without a sprinkling of bimbos to draw guys into vendor areas and this was no exception.

Tom and Charlie were keen to go downtown and walk Main Street after the Speedway tour, but I was ready for a break, so we parted company. I hit a McDonald’s and gas station just off of I-95, then discovered a huge traffic jam of bikes and cars waiting to get back onto the interstate. I hit the “Detour” button on my GPS and found myself on a delightful two-lane through the jungle that took me back to the campground without the hassle of interstate traffic and wind noise. I realized that I’ve ridden a segment of that road in years past, but it was a delightful surprise to see it again.

dbbw camp pano (17)I hung out at the campground and made the acquaintance of Harry, a retired Chattanooga banker who was camped next to us. Harry rides an ‘03 K1200GT that is a twin to my bike and we shared horror stories about what an ordeal it is to change headlight bulbs on the bikes. Harry lives in Waynesville, NC. He ended up joining us for dinner at the little Italian bistro where we dined Thursday night.

That’s my blue tent on the left and my bike over my left shoulder.

We sat around in the dark swapping bike stories until about 10 p.m., then retired to our sleeping bags.

I was up at dawn, as were Charlie, Tom, and Harry. They joined me for breakfast, then left for home. Charlie has to deal with a massive storm system (dubbed Triton by the NWS) en route and I’m choosing to wait it out before packing and leaving.

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