Tuesday, September 27, 2011


terror helmet My HJC “F15-Terror” helmet arrived via UPS this afternoon.

Under normal circumstances, I would never consider buying a helmet like this, especially since I bought an HJC flip-face helmet for $200 a few months ago.

But this was an exceptional deal from MotorcycleGear.com – a $270 Snell-rated helmet for $50.


Hell yes!

I can overlook the bizarre styling for a deal like that. Actually, it’s so far from what I would normally buy, I kinda like it.

It comes with a rubber piece to deflect the rider’s breath from the face shield and a fabric air dam under the chin that made the helmet feel overly tight and claustrophobic the first time I put it on. Happily, those features can be easily removed and once they’re gone, it feels fine. I think it’s lighter than my other HJC and a late afternoon jaunt up to Paragould and back made it clear that the ventilation system is superior to the other HJC and probably the best I’ve ever experienced in a helmet.

I showed the ad to Maria after I ordered mine and, having a similar capacity for whimsy, she wanted one too. UPS says it will be delivered tomorrow.

If this is a deal that appeals to you, MotorcycleGear.com still has some left in Small, Large and Extra Large. Just go to their web site and click on “Closeouts” and then “Helmets.”

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