Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking the war on pet stains to a new level

bissellWe awoke today to several dog messes on the carpet in the dining room and living room.

Pete the Aussie got the squirts, which makes for really tricky cleanup. The ShopVac does a passable job of snatching the stuff up, but there are invariably some stains left behind. Spot Shot, a cleaning formula made for pet stains, usually does the trick, but today’s stains are more stubborn.

I did some online research and concluded that the Bissell Bronze PROheat2X Cleanshot Pet carpet cleaner looks like what we need. It has lots of well-written enthusiastic positive reviews on I found it on for $228, but discovered it was also on the Target web site priced at $225. Target said they have some at their Jonesboro store, so I drove there right away and was delighted to find this model is on clearance for $188.89!

Assembly was a breeze and I plan to study the owner’s manual this evening and put it to work first thing tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, Pete will sleep on the back porch tonight.

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