Friday, September 16, 2011


We drove to Memphis and City East Bagel bagel slicerlast Sunday morning to get a good breakfast and stock up on bagels.

We brought home 18 bagels of various flavors, gave several away to Arkansans who hitherto had not had a bagel experience, and consumed almost all of the rest.

I decided I’d had enough of hand-slicing bagels, so I bought one of these murderous-looking bagel slicers from It arrived yesterday afternoon.

With only a couple of bagels left, I figured it was time to re-stock, so I drove the del Sol to Memphis and bought another 18 bagels for $22 and change. I gassed on the way home and determined I’m getting 29.1 mpg.

So with gas at $3.39 a gallon, that makes the total cost per bagel about $2.38. Not counting the $19.95 I spent on the slicer.

I don’t care. They’re damned good bagels and I’ve not seen their equal in

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