Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sprint 4G? Hah!

Seems like every time I turn around, I have an email or snail mail from Sprint trying to sell me one of their fabulous new 4G phones.

That might interest me if I had access to the Sprint 4G network. If you go to the Sprint 4G Coverage page, you’ll see just how limited the new coverage is. The Sprint 4G network is only available in major metropolitan areas in 29 states.

Their 4G service isn’t available in Arkansas (or Indiana) and the only city in Tennessee with 4G is Nashville. Not in Memphis.

To experience Sprint 4G service, I’d have to drive about 220 miles north to St. Louis.

Besides, I already have a 4G-capable USB dongle for my netbook, just in case I ever find myself within the range of a 4G signal.

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