Friday, January 14, 2011

I’m done with the sideshow

I am done, completely done, reading about or listening to the ridiculous political sideshow that has absolutely nothing to do with a certifiable loon going on a shooting spree in Tucson.

I absolutely detest the spineless weasels who insist there is a connection between Jared Loughner, whose friends say didn’t give a rat’s ass about politics, didn’t follow the news and didn’t listen to talk radio, and the supposed “heated political rhetoric” in the country.

“Heated rhetoric” are the left’s code words for anything said in opposition to their post-Constitutionalist agenda. Using the Tucson tragedy as an excuse to tell those of us who sent them a cease and desist order last November to shut up is reprehensible and every rational person in America knows it.

So from now on, whenever some libtard starts jabbering about “heated rhetoric” or some conservative feels compelled to respond to the jabbering, I’m changing channels.

This fucking circus has gone on way too long.

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