Monday, January 03, 2011

Like she said, “It’s always something.”

This time it’s my Gannett pension. Checking my online bank link on Saturday, I noticed the automatic deposit was short $154.
When I picked up the mail this morning, it included the monthly pension earnings statement and the reason was revealed. They’ve started deducting for medical insurance again.
The deductions stopped when I went on Medicare last summer and should never have resumed. I have a call in to the appropriate people to get it fixed.

LATER: An HR person at The Star returned my call, apologized and said they will send me a check for the deducted amount and that no further medical insurance deductions will be made.

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Rees said...

It does my heart good to realize that others lives are sometimes interrupted by crap like this too, lol. Not that I want anyone to suffer, but hey, I hate being alone in my misery. : )