Thursday, January 27, 2011

Frank finds a free breakfast for himself and Zeb


I was seeing Maria off to work this morning when Frank, the free range Jack Russell terrier who nominally belongs to David Head, whose Nine Oaks Cattle Co. ranch borders out property to the west, scampered up to greet us.

Frank is always exploding with happiness to see me, Maria, you, anyone. We petted him, Maria drove off to work and Frank trotted after me as I walked to the garage to get the small bag of kibble we keep there for visiting dogs.

I scattered some onto the driveway. Frank sniffed, took a piece and tore off at full speed toward the Hollands’ workshop next door to the east. Frank goes everywhere at full speed. It’s what Jack Russells do.

I was puzzled until I saw him stop behind the shop and moments later his buddy Zeb, a black lab also owned by Head, got to his feet and followed Frank back to the free food.

I gave Zeb a pat on the head and tossed down a couple more handfuls.

I love it when neighborhood dogs come visiting.

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