Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Our prayers were answered

A lot of my Facebook friends are throwing tantrums today because their liberal fantasy blew up in their faces overnight.

I know how a defeat like this feels. I experienced it eight years ago and again four years ago. Get the fuck over it.

I somehow managed to suppress my schadenfreude on Facebook, although I'm sure I wouldn't have been granted the same courtesy if the vote had gone the other way.

But it didn't.

The American people, as Greg Gutfeld so aptly pointed out last night, gave a huge collective "Fuck you" to Hillary, Obama, the liberal elites, the liberal sheep, a mass media that has become an arm of the Democrat National Committee, and anyone else who wants to tell them what to think and what to do. I'm honored that I could play a minuscule part in this historic swing of the pendulum back to the right.

I went to the Newseum web site just now and scanned the nation's newspaper front pages for an good image. I chose the front page of the Sioux Falls, S.D., Argus Leader because they obviously know how to play a good photo.

Maria and I awoke this morning with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. I feel like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders and the anxiety and stress of this horrific campaign is gone.

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