Friday, November 04, 2016

Maria is home

Maria is home!

She rolled into the driveway at 11:25 a.m., way earlier than I expected.

I'm able to track her whereabouts with the iPhone "Find Friends" app and when I checked first thing this morning I was startled to see she was already in southern Illinois. I called her and found her in the Cracker Barrel at Mount Vernon, having left Austin's house in Speedway, Ind. a little after 4 a.m.

I set to getting the house tidied up and in the process discovered the dishwasher that was worked on yesterday would not start. I called the repair folks and they sent the same technician out, which was convenient because he already knew the background. He got it running with instructions to call if it craps out again. I will.

One of the first things I did after she got home was to put her wedding ring back onto her finger after if went missing eight long years ago and finally turned up yesterday.

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