Monday, October 31, 2016

I'm calling it a miracle

Maria's wedding ring vanished eight years ago, about the time that she took it off to refinish my great-grandmother's kitchen table.

We worked through several scenarios - she put it into the cardboard box holding the refinishing chemicals and tools, she had it in her change purse when she gave a handful of coins (and maybe the ring) to a homeless woman, she put it into the silverware drawer in the kitchen, and on and on.

Fast forward to this afternoon when the UPS driver delivered the heating element for our Kenmore dishwasher. I struggled to get it out from under the countertop - never did get it all the way out and finally gave up and called the appliance repair people to help me finish the job - but I got it far enough out to find Maria's ring on top of the dishwasher at the very back.

Maria is in Indiana visiting her family and meeting her new granddaughter, so I called her with the news. There is a small gap in the cabinet wall between the silverware drawer and the dishwasher and we think something happened - like closing the drawer abruptly - that made it hop through that gap. What is doubly surprising is that the appliance guy who replaced the heating element in May, 2015 never noticed it when he had the dishwasher pulled out.

I always knew it would turn up someday. Today was the day.

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