Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I finally gave up trying to get the sound to work reliably on Maria's Dell laptop and abandoned my plans to digitize my vinyl albums in the living room.

So I cleared a space on the table next to my upstairs desktop computer yesterday, brought the Numark USB turntable up and fiddled with my free copy of Audacity recording software until I got it working to my satisfaction.

Then I went to work digitizing the first four albums - a couple of early Kate & Anna McGarrigle albums, the Blues Brothers "Briefcase Full of Blues" record and a two-record Jimmy Buffett concert album from 1978.

I'm just getting the albums into digital form for now and will go back and clean them up and separate out the individual tracks later.

It's fun hearing music I'd forgotten, some of which it turns out is quite forgettable.

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