Saturday, August 08, 2015

We were in Las Vegas

steve showstoppers

I haven’t blogged for almost a week because we’ve been out of town and weren’t eager to let anyone know that Morgan was at our house alone with our combines pack of dogs.

We flew to Las Vegas Monday morning to visit Steve and Nicky and granddaughter Lisa and were treated like royalty. The highlight of the trip was Steve Wynn’s ShowStoppers where Steve plays bass in the orchestra. (See red oval. Click on the photo to see it larger.) I found myself sitting next to the mother of Lindsay Roginsky, the girl on the far left of the frame.

Steve also chauffeured us around in their Tesla Model S to Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon.

It was Maria’s first visit to Las Vegas and it was a real eye-opener for her.

Steve and Nicky are supremely gracious hosts. We had a wonderful time.

We flew home yesterday, landing in Memphis a little before 5 p.m.

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