Friday, August 14, 2015

Sonic thoughts

sonic playground

There’s a Sonic drive-in under construction a little more than a mile south of our house and it will be the first Sonic in the area to have a play space for kids.

Maria and I drove past the construction this morning on our way into town and two things crossed our minds:

  1. The play area is right next to a busy four-lane highway. Will there be barriers to protect it from out-of-control cars and trucks?
  2. Is there a more cynical motive behind the practice of adding play spaces to fast food restaurants other than to make them more attractive to kids and their parents?

Time will tell about the first matter, but as for the second concern, are the play spaces unintended or maybe intentional bait for pedophile customers?

After all, the real purpose behind ladies’ nights at bars and night clubs is to make them more target-rich environments for single guys.

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