Monday, August 24, 2015

Two down, 1½ to go

Just like every other year for the past eight years, I put four BMW rallies on my calendar at the beginning of the year, not counting Daytona Beach Bike Week, which is always iffy because of weather.

They are:

  1. European Riders Rally in Burkesville, Ky.
  2. BMW MOA National Rally, in Billings, Mont. this year.
  3. BMW RA National Rally, in Harrison, Ark. this year.
  4. Falling Leaf Rally, in Potosi, Mo.

So far, so good. I made it to the first two and am looking forward to the last two. At least I was until yesterday when Maria finally gave me the dates for her planned trip to Indiana to see her parents and attend a baby shower for Morgan’s step-sister.

Even though I have repeatedly announced I had rally plans for the first two weekends in October, Maria isn’t as tuned in to the calendar as I am and didn’t make it clear until yesterday that we can’t both be gone the second weekend in October because someone has to look after our combined pack of four dogs.

Or can we?

After a few hours of angst, I awoke from a nap yesterday afternoon with a solution. It’s 175 miles from here to Potosi – a three-hour ride. I can ride up on Saturday morning, register and get my rally pin and ride home that afternoon. Pretty much the same as riding up to Cape Girardeau for a bike service at Grass Roots BMW in one day.

Yes, I’ll miss two nights of camping and hanging out with my Indianapolis BMW Club friends, but at least I can say I was there and have a rally pin to show for it for my collection. And I won’t have to pack camping gear, toiletries or changes of clothing.

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