Thursday, January 08, 2015

Warmth on a cold morning

heater01I have an air conditioner in the window next to my desk and the weather seal is imperfect, to say the least.

When it gets cold like it is this morning (13°), it’s downright uncomfortable in our upstairs office. The cold is made even more pronounced by insufficient insulation in the ceiling.

I found a handy solution a few weeks ago when I agreed to test and review this $24.99 desktop ceramic heater offered by the Amazon Vine Program.

Placed on the table between the window and my desk chair, it pumps out a welcome stream of warm air that makes the difference between being able to work at my desk or having to flee to the warmth of downstairs.

I suppose I could store the air conditioner in the attic and close the window, but that would involve moving the table and piles of stuff upon it. But in the meantime, the ceramic heater is a good solution.

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