Friday, January 23, 2015

French spoken here, but where?


Rooting through a box of militaria and related stuff that once belonged to my first father-in-law this morning I found a roll of negatives that appear never to have been printed.

There are a few pictures of my ex, her parents and her two sisters, leading me to conclude the images are from around 1952. From what I can recall of her childhood, the family shots involve military housing, probably in California or Virginia.

But there are also some travel photos including this street scene where all of the business signs are in French. I was unaware that her dad traveled to France around this time, so maybe he went to Quebec. I posted this photo on Facebook, asking if anyone recognizes the street or the church/cathedral.

There are no shots of the family in the travel pictures, suggesting he went by himself.

Here are a couple of the family photos:


Clockwise from noon: Jean Kroon, Kathy, Janice and Diane.


Kathy, Phil Kroon, and Diane in front of their home on a yet-to-be-determined Army base.

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