Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Time to stockpile some gasoline

gas prices jan 6 15

I filled the tank on my Lexus RX330 the other day for $25 and change, prompting me to think about stocking up on gasoline soon.

Gas Buddy tells me regular is going for $1.90 a gallon this morning at Sam’s Club, so my to-do list for today includes filling our three 5 gallon gas cans at Sam’s in anticipation of extended use of our generator or for fueling chain saws, lawn tractor, pressure washer, etc. in the coming months.

I expect gas prices to continue to fall, but the news out of Oklahoma that they jumped back into the $2+ range overnight has me a little twitchy.

LATER: 15.577 gallons of regular for $29.74, treated with fuel stabilizer and stored in the garage.

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