Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hoosier voices

The temperature in Indianapolis this morning is 3°, with wind chills in the -20° range.

I know because I listened to WIBC on my iPhone and Maria’s new Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Color Speaker while I made my morning mocha cappuccino.

I use a $4.99 iPhone app called 00Tunes Radio that lets me hear literally thousands of radio stations worldwide. It accesses virtually every radio station in the world that is on the Internet.

I like hearing WIBC, the Voice of Indiana, because I know most of the places and businesses and people they talk about and I can visualize how miserable a snowy morning commute is there because I have an intimate knowledge of the central Indiana road network.

And sometimes it’s a relief hearing English spoken they way I learned it instead of the Arkansas dialect so prevalent on radio and TV here.

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