Saturday, February 08, 2014

A smaller canvas this time

stamped box 01

stamped box 02

Turns out there were more items to send to my son Sean than would fit in the envelope I mailed yesterday, so I decorated a small Priority Mail box this afternoon.

And I had the foresight to use a pair of the Nitrile gloves I got from the Amazon Vine Program, so my fingers came away from the stamping ink-free.

The assistant postmistress seemed a bit bemused yesterday when I presented the heavily stamped envelope.

In other matters, we got about an inch of snow overnight, but it’s melting fast and the ice that turned our neighborhood into a crystalline fairy land has vanished from the trees and shrubs and fences.

The forecast for tomorrow calls for a high of 38, so the snow most likely will be gone by tomorrow night.

The Arkansas Sports Show is this weekend in the Arkansas State University Convocation Center. It hasn’t changed or improved noticeably in the six years we’ve been here and I see no reason to waste my time and money on it.

The last I heard, at least one of the organizers thought it was too classy an event to involve the Robertson clan and their Duck Commander folks. He’s too much of a dullard to realize that Duck Commander involvement would generate unheard of excitement and double attendance at his otherwise mundane show.

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