Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sending the trailcam in for repair/replacement

My Bushnell Trophy Camera Model 119435 is going back to the company today.trailcamreturn

There appears to be a defect in the power switch and maybe more. When I bought the unit back in March, I had difficulty getting the screen to come on in the “setup” position. I had to slide it to the click stop position for “setup” and then wiggle it for several seconds before the screen would light up.

I was able to use the camera in this fashion for the summer and up until about a month ago when I noticed it was creating a lot of corrupted, unreadable video files and re-setting the date and time to different years and times.

Now, I can't get the screen to turn on at all. The last time I pulled the SD card, it appeared that the camera had stopped functioning a week or two earlier, as there were no recent video files despite the presence of wildlife.

So I’m invoking the two-year limited warranty and sending it to Bushnell Outdoor Products in Lenexa, Kans. for repair or replacement. I’m mindful that this camera had wildly mixed reviews on Most users liked it, but several complained about getting defective units. I guess that’s to be expected with a product mass produced in China.

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