Monday, December 05, 2011

Cleaning house

I took a look at the links in my Cool Blogs & Other Stuff this morning and concluded it’s time to dump some of them.

Some were fresh and vibrant when I discovered them and added them to the list, but those of us who follow blogs know that bloggers can get burned out, run out of things to say, have changes in their lives that make blogging inconvenient, or just stop for any number of reasons. I had high hopes for all of them when I included them in the list.

So say goodbye to:

        • Conservatives who say Fuck
        • Demure Thoughts
        • Liberty Girl
        • Overheard in Chicago
        • Rick’s Outrage Page

There are a few others that haven’t seen any fresh material in several weeks, but I’m keeping them because their old stuff is worth reading.

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