Sunday, May 15, 2011

It was BYOG


We did some shooting off a friend’s deck last evening. It was a BYOG (bring your own guns) dinner party.

Maria is absolutely lethal with an assault rifle, be it the AR-15 or the AK-47.

The Judge, which fires .45 ACP or 410 shotgun shells (seen resting on the rail) is an excellent home defense weapon.

She’s pretty good with the 20 gauge shotgun, too.

I favor the .45 Colt Combat Commander with CrimsonTrace laser sight, but the AK-47 is a lot of fun and surprisingly accurate for such a cheaply made weapon.

Our friend called the neighbors before we arrived to let them know there would be some shootin’ going on.



DK said...

Holy crap, is this what happens to a nice Jewish boy when he moves to Arkansa? Oh yeah, you aren't Jewish, are you?DK

The Oracle said...
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The Oracle said...

Nope, but the Israelis have all the cool guns.