Monday, May 09, 2011

Bitch tried to kill me

Coming into town this afternoon, I was riding past the Arkansas State University campus in moderate traffic.

I was crossing Aggie Road on Stadium Boulevard, riding in the fast lane and passing cars and trucks when the thought suddenly came to confirm that the horn button was under my left thumb, in case I needed it.

Seconds later, a young woman whose car I was passing, moved for the left lane, causing me to jam on the brakes and hit the horn. Undeterred, she continued into the left lane as I gestured with my left palm up to signify “WTF?”

She turned left into the next shopping center and I offered a terse opinion of her driving skills as I rode past the open passenger window of her car.

Oh, well. It’s happened to me before and it will happen again. I just have to stay alert and pay attention, especially when I get advance warning like I did this afternoon.

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