Saturday, March 05, 2016

I was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with my ability to shoot my new Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield.

Maria and I put in some range time yesterday afternoon and I finally had the epiphany I'd hoped for. It turns out that I was holding the gun too tightly. I tried relaxing my grip and focusing on controlling it mainly with my middle finger and, voila, the shots started falling where I wanted.

We went back this morning with Morgan. I let Maria shoot with my M&P and after three magazines she was convinced that's what she wants instead of her Ruger .380, even though the M&P has no rail for a laser. I took my 1911 Colt Combat Commander .45 and my WWII Walther PPK chambered in 7.65mm. I also spent more time with the M&P (seen here) and came away satisfied that I've cured a major defect in my shooting. This was confirmed by a text exchange with former Boone County (Ind.) Sheriff Ken Campbell who is now the chief operating officer of Gunsite in Arizona.

And I rediscovered the discomfort of Walther PPK slide bite.

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