Friday, March 11, 2016

300 miles in the rain

My friend Charlie and I spent much of yesterday hauling a couple of bikes up to Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles in Cape Girardeau.

It's about a 300-mile round trip and most of it was done in rain of varying intensity.

I drove down to Charlie's place about 8 a.m. and helped him load his mid-1970s R75/6 onto his trailer, then we came back to my place where we loaded my 2003 K1200GT. Charlie's bike was going into the shop for a transmission problem and mine is going to sit at Grass Roots until they get to the bottom of my intermittent starter button failure. It is conceivable that we'll trailer them home, but it's also possible that they will come home separately - Charlie's bike probably on the trailer - but I hope to be able to ride mine home.

I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday saying, in effect, that I failed my blood test. My average blood glucose reading jumped from around 140 last time to 160 this week. I have been directed to test before breakfast and dinner daily for two weeks and report the results to the doc for a possible adjustment in my medication. I guess my fondness for Blue Bell cherry vanilla ice cream has consequences.

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