Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cool stuff from a great friend

Revard BMW Motorcycles, short-lived as it was, was the best, friendliest BMW dealership I've had the great fortune to know in my 35 years of riding BMW motorcycles.

Bill Revard was a good friend and I was lucky to be able to help out with customer newsletters, photography and other odd contributions. It broke my heart when the Revards went out of business at the end of 2004. One of my last links with them was a pair of coffee mugs with the roundel and the shop name.

So it was like being sucker punched in the solar plexus the other night when Maria fumbled one of the cups and it smashed in the kitchen sink.

She knew how much it meant to me, so later that evening the contacted Bill's sister Josie to see if any more mugs could be had.

Fast forward to this morning when I picked up the mail at our post office and found a large Hewlett Packard computer carton waiting for me.

Inside was a cornucopia of neat stuff including Bill and Josie's personal coffee mugs, a brand new with tags Revard BMW denim shirt, a BMW Boxer Cup pilsner beer glass from the 2003 Daytona Bike Week, a portfolio of ready-to-frame BMW motorcycle prints, a copy of the Indianapolis Business Journal containing the story of the shop's opening in 2000, and a very cool BMW business meeting award in the form of a motorcycle brake rotor mounted on a plaque. But the most touching item was the dollar bill I gave Bill at the beginning of the shop's run as the first dollar earned. He said he's carried it in his wallet all these years.

I am moved.

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