Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip stats

coatrackFor what it’s worth, we drove 1,219 miles during our Indiana adventure last week and the Lexus RX330 averaged about 27 mph – 29 and change during the drive up. The fuel cost was about $163.

Not bad for a vehicle that size.

And since we did an inspection of our Thorntown rental house, the trip is deductible.

We drove some new (to us) roads while there. The GPS route from Thorntown to my brother-in-law Kerstan’s house near Amboy, Ind., involves several miles of two-lane highway from Thorntown to U.S. 31 and more two-lane after exiting U.S. 31 near Kokomo.

Wanting to avoid nighttime two-lane driving as much as possible, I took an alternate route back to Thorntown, taking Ind. 18 to U.S. 31, north on U.S. 31 to four-lane divided Ind. 24 to Logansport where it connects with the brand new four-lane divided Ind. 25 that runs all the way to Lafayette. Ind. 24 and 25 are great, fast roads with little traffic which will almost certainly have a negative impact on the cities and towns (including my hometown of Delphi). From Lafayette, I took I-65 south a few miles before cutting over to U.S. 52 for the run down to Thorntown.

Kerstan and his wife Kim have seven kids, which explains the backdoor coat and shoe rack pictured above.

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