Thursday, July 10, 2014

Good boy, Indy

skipindy01 My Indianapolis News colleague Skip Hess and his wife Gloria are dog lovers who have adopted several strays to give them good loving homes.

skipindy02I got this text message on Monday from Skip:

I am going to send you a photo that I took while mourning my golden whom we had to euthanize a couple of weeks ago.

I was sitting, along,  drinking coffee at the kitchen bar and had just said a prayer for Indy. His hips couldn't hold up anymore.

Anyway, I was telling Indy how much I missed him and what a good companion he was for years and how much I missed reaching over and scratching his ears every morning and how I wished he was still at my side in the morning and I looked over on the refrig handle where I had quickly draped over a kitchen towel minutes earlier and what I saw was nothing short of a miracle, my friend.

There was Indy, sure enough. I can't possible make this up. just can't.

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