Saturday, August 03, 2013

Thank God for dogs

I’ve been unmotivated and too lazy to do any serious blogging for the past several days, but I know that fresh content is what keeps people coming back, so I fill the void with photos and videos of our dogs.

So what did I do today?

Well, since you asked…

We woke up about 8 a.m. and, as I often do, I let our puppy Dora in and plunked her down on the bed to hang out with Maria and me. She’s usually feisty and full of energy in the morning, so it’s a bit of a challenge to get her to calm down and submit to petting or a belly rub. Mostly we keep our fingers and faces out of harm’s way because she likes to nip with her needle puppy teeth.

Maria whipped up a breakfast of diced ham and eggs and biscuits and we abandoned our plan to take Dora to the Farmers Market because it was raining. The rain persisted all morning and I amused myself by setting up a Delphi High School Class of 1963 page on Facebook where I dumped the 182 images I’ve collected for a slide show to be presented at the 50th anniversary class reunion on Aug. 17.

I’ve only found 20 classmates who have Facebook accounts to include in the group and am particularly peeved at a few friends who have managed to stay away from Facebook.

Things dried out by 2 p.m. to permit me to fire up the K75S and ride down to the post office. It’s not much of an adventure – I managed a 50-mile ride last evening – but I like to get in a ride as often as I can as a consolation for having to forfeit my extensive motorcycle touring plans for this summer.

We’ve been working with just my Gannett pension and my Social Security income since Maria parted company with the Sun in late June, but we have yet to feel a serious pinch. I’ve argued for years that we spent way too much money on dining out and since we’ve curtailed that habit, there seems to be enough money to be reasonably comfortable.

We’re cultivating new revenue streams without tapping the resources of Bucksnort Properties LLC, which we use to manage our office building property in downtown Jonesboro. And I’ve only sold a couple of pieces of riding apparel on Ebay – stuff I almost never wear and which was cluttering up the hall closet. There are still a couple of jackets and other gear that need to be cleared out and this seems to be a good time to do it.

I have an extra Garmin Zumo 550 GPS unit that I’ll probably list on Ebay in the next week or so, since I have no use for it. And my brother-in-law in northern Indiana wants to buy the ‘94 Honda del Sol that I was prepared to donate to charity just to get it out of the driveway.

Maria is writing a book and is working with a publisher on another book about quilts, so she has plenty of fun work on her plate.

And maybe I’ll mow the lawn tomorrow. If we don’t get more rain.

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